Credit score fixing and how to improve


A credit score is important to continue obtaining financial assistance and also for availing rented accommodation. A good score ups the chances whereas a low score reduces it. While it is everyone’s intent to keep it as high as possible, it does not happen that way in reality. Often things go wrong in life such as a lost job or reduction in salary or sudden medical expense, etc. Such unforeseen events lead to financial upheavals.

At such times, people begin wondering, “Can credit repair companies fix my credit report/damage?” Credit repair isn’t simple. There are certain things that will stay in the report. Bankruptcy, judgment, etc. are items that can’t be removed. Before engaging a credit repair company in fixing the score, ask upfront what all they can do and what they can’t so you know how to approach the matter. It is important and useful to be realistic about it and not harbor expectations that are unreal. Also, it pays to be aware of what can be fixed and what can’t so you don’t get scammed.

The consumer needs to be aware of his rights and also what he should do – such as contact the credit bureau directly, take actions like disputing the wrong information in the report, etc. Credit repair companies aren’t supposed to charge any fees upfront before they begin taking any action. They should disclose the total cost and also provide a three-day right to cancel without any charge, and how long it will take to start seeing results. Any negative information that is accurate will stay for seven years. Bankruptcies stay for ten years, and criminal information will stay forever.

Any other items that are incorrect or wrong can be fixed and sometimes it is possible to fix them yourself. The consumer is entitled to a copy of the report (free of charge), and if you are facing a problem of credit denial or employment refusal because of a lousy credit report, you are entitled to a copy of a free report.

Mistakes and old items can be disputed for free and through the credit-reporting bureaus. The bureau investigates the matter within 30 days, and a consumer can contact the company that made a mistake in order that they can correct it. Consumers can also ask the bureau to send it to all those who have received the report in the last six months after correcting it.

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